CIT has its own dedicated optical fiber links that join itself to the Internet, its own IP addresses/AS number and equipment for Internet connectivity, optical fiber backbone within Pulchowk Campus premises, and large computing facilities. CIT has large computers that are dedicated to internet facilities. It has an e-library with a large number of digital contents in the form of audio, video, and textual contents. Large lab space where students can use the internet resource and do their research works. With all the facilities, CIT is one of the best research centers for the IT sector in the country.

Network Link and Users:

Lease Line Link: 120/120 Mbps (downlink/uplink)
LAN Users: 3000


Equipment at Main Server Room at CIT:

Routers, UTMs, Gbps Manageable Switches, Optical Distribution Box, Server Computers


Existing IOE Network:

Optical Fiber Backbone cabling for Interdepartmental Connections, about 2000 PCs.