Web, Internet and Networking Group (WING @ CIT)
The Web, Internet, and Networking Group (WING) in Center for Information Technology, Pulchowk Campus is diverse both in its coverage of areas and in the nature of activities undertaken.

IOE faculties and graduate as well as undergraduate students who are interested in conducting various ICT related works voluntarily.

Working areas include:
Internet and Intranet development, web applications, website designing and development, LAN management, WAN implementation, MIS, etc.

Its primary roles are:

  • to provide technical services to CIT and Pulchowk campus on all aspects of the web, internet, and networking.
  • to create a discussion forum for the web, internet, and networking matters within the community represented by CIT/Pulchowk campus.
  • to establish working teams to investigate specific issues on the web, internet, and networking identified by CIT/Pulchowk campus.

WING members are under selection …