1. Internet
  2. Email
  3. Admission
  4. Consultancy Services
  5. Lab and Research
  6. Web Hosting
  7. Training


Centre for Information Technology (CIT) has total dedicated bandwidth of 120/120Mbps. CIT is providing a fully dedicated wired and wireless internet facility to the hostels, all the departments, and staff housing of the Pulchowk campus.


All students of the Pulchowk campus get their campus email id just after they are admitted to the campus. The email id format for students is Faculties and staff of Pulchowk campus get their email id in the format However, faculties can request for any name alias for their email id within the domain if available. Any faculties and staff can request the email id in the domain if they have not got yet.


CIT is providing all the technical supports to conduct student admission of BE, Masters, and Ph.D. students. CIT, not only helps campus for admission process it also helps in evaluating and conducting entrance examinations of different engineering, medical, and nursing entrance examinations.

Consultancy Services:

CIT also provides consultancy services related to computer network/system to the constituent campuses as well as to the T.U. affiliated engineering colleges.

Lab and Research:

CIT is providing internet facility to the students through its internet labs from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm every day (except Saturday and public holidays). It has also plan to conduct innovation and research classes on various emerging technologies.

Web hosting:

CIT is providing web hosting services through its own servers to different departments, sections, academic associations, centers, constituent campus, and TU.


CIT is providing various basic and advanced training packages of skill development training related to networking, web development, system administration, and wireless administration.