The Center for Information Technology has a number of policies, guidelines, and suggestions for the use of information technology on campus. These policies are reviewed on a regular basis and updated as needed. Key policies are listed below.

  1. All the Faculties, Staffs and Students of Pulchowk Campus are members of CIT.
  2. The Students of Pulchowk Campus get the Internet account and Email account in Campus Domain.
  3. The faculties and Staff of Pulchow Campus can request for Internet account and Email account by filling the form available CIT/web form with their ID Card.
  4. As long as their account is active, the members can access the Internet.
  5. Different firewall policies are applied for BE Students, Masters Students, Ph.D. Scholars, Faculties, and Staff.


  1. The entire user must be a student of Pulchowk Campus and a valid account holder. You may be requested to provide a valid ID for account holding information and CIT staff may ask for valid account holding information at any time.
  2. All the account holding students are allowed to use Internet computing facilities in Room No: 101, 102, and 103.
  3. All the account holding students will bear the responsibility to keep password secret. CIT will not be responsible for misuse of account due to password theft or any other reasons. In the event of misuse of the account by other than the account holder, the account holder should contact immediately with the system administrator for appropriate measures.
  4. CIT has provided Internet facilities for purely educational purposes. It is always requested to the user to keep the computing environment noise-free and group discussion is strictly prohibited in the computing room.
  5. No obscene materials whether in Text or Graphical format are entertained in computing rooms.
  6. Smoking, eating, and drinking are strictly prohibited.


  1. Always log off your account while you are away.
  2. For your own security keep on changing your password frequently.
  3. Be always cautious to share your account with your friends. Someone can commit a crime on the Internet using your account.