One of the major objectives of CIT is to create a well-equipped environment for development activities related to Information Technology. CIT owns a large number of computers and high speed dedicated optical fiber link to provide Internet facilities to the students and faculties of Pulchowk Campus. With all the facilities, CIT is one of the best research centers for the IT sector in the country.

Besides these the noteworthy objectives are as follows:

  1. To produce quality software for use within the Campus and Institute.
  2. To provide specialized training in any field of Information and Communication Technology(ICT).
  3. To carry out research and development works related to ICT.
  4. To provide consultancy services related to ICT.
  5. To provide a meaningful contribution towards the promotion, development, and improvement of the standard and quality of lower, middle, and higher engineering education in the field of ICT.
  6. To provide sustainable support for the integration of higher engineering education with ICT related research activities.
  7. To establish mutual relationships with foreign universities and conduct different activities to achieve the goal of the center.
  8. To provide Internet Service through dedicated optical fiber links for the information flow.
  9. To assist in building national capability in various aspects of ICT.
  10. To increase the capability of technical and managerial personnel involved in the ICT and assist in its effective utilization and mobilization.